Renee Prejean-Motanky

When It Comes To Digital; “Be There or Be Square!”

In Communications, The Internet on June 22, 2011 at 12:31 am

Below is a link to the latest Scott Klososky blog article (Scott is a leading technology futurist and a frequent consultant to a company called “We Simplify the Internet” (WSI,) with whom RPM Marketing is teaming on a project geared toward helping low income older Americans to get online.  It’s a project that truly resonates for me personally because of its importance and potential to have universal impact not only for seniors, but for all underserved populations.  RPM is proud to be involved.

This article is speaking to business leaders, but the underlying message is relevant to everyone: “embrace and leverage the latest technologies or be at a staggering disadvantage to those who do.”  

“Since the caveman days, the species with the best use of tools has dominated. Many centuries ago technology (starting with the development of metals and gun powder) changed the political fortunes of the countries, or despots that wielded them. In the business world for the past 50 years, companies that adopted new technologies before their competitors prospered.”  “Today, while some companies are stalled with just a website or are still trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter, others are on to Online Reputation Management, Social CRM, Crowdsourcing, and building Rivers of Information.”

As Gary Smith, digital consultant at WSI, so aptly pointed out; “When it comes to the Digital World;” as the old saying goes, “be there or be square!”–-do-it-or-strangle-slowly-part-one/

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