Renee Prejean-Motanky


RPM Marketing views the flip side of today’s market challenges and sees an opportunity for buinsesses to realize a return on communications…whether articulating brand position…relaunching existing media properities…increasing sales and/or readership…or simply building relationships to capture market share.

We help businesses captialize on these opportunities by developing and delivering exceptional communications initiatives.

Visit our Website:

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  1. I like the design of your website. I want to map a subdomain to my blog (don’t like the portion in it) and then my main site domain will be self-hosted. Have you ever considered doing that? It would be a unique way to build community among other writers. I think of this site almost like a social networking site.

    • Hi Sandra and thank you. Yes, I have considered hosting my own BLOG, but just haven’t followed through. Word Press lends itself to that easily. I’m so slammed that I’m still not consistent about my own marketing and communications! (Yes, a big no-no & the plight of many small businesses, I know.)

      • Hey Renee, that’s perfectly okay. Shoot, you just reminded me of some stuff that I had to do my own self.

        Day by day, step by step. It’ll all work out as it should. Be easy on yourself.

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